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LifeLine Ambulance: Putting Patients First

LifeLine in the Tri-State area during the pandemic

LifeLine Ambulance has a passionate endearment to giving back, not only to our community, but to humanity. Giving back to our brethren, both here and afar. 2020 has been an experience for all of us as mankind, and has taken an overwhelming affect on us a healthcare providers. COVID - 19 infiltrated our country early this year, settling in highly populated areas at an, almost, chaotic rate, and leading to a catastrophic fate for so many.


With the number of cases accelerating, New York and New Jersey were hit extremely hard. In times of hope - all hands on deck -  the nation rallied together to provide the medical transport assistance to both, New York and New Jersey during this pandemic. LifeLine Ambulance contributed to the aid, organized by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), by sending 5 ambulances - totally 10 employees. The first deployed team spent 3 weeks in New York, staged at the Bronx Zoo, and the second convoy was deployed to New Jersey and staged at Met Life Stadium for 2 weeks.

LifeLine Ambulance

Putting Patients First is the creed that we here at LifeLine Ambulance work by. The goal of LifeLine Ambulance is to improve the lives of our patients, customers, and employees through our innovative spirit and diversity in medical, safety, transportation, and educational services.

Quality service is premium

In an area known for a family-centric culture with strong communities and hard workers, LifeLine Ambulance grew out of our community’s need for emergency medical support and care. Commitment to our community, along with our love of the people within it, guided us in the beginning and is our driving force today.


The mindset of our organization is to be the premium choice for medical support. At LifeLine Ambulance, we are proud to be a community of people caring for our family, friends and neighbors.




LifeLine Ambulance has grown and extended it's lending hand into various neighboring counties. With the multitude of experience on each unit, LifeLine has been able to adapt to to the ever changing regulations and by-laws of the healthcare field. LifeLine carries an excellent rating with it's contracted facilities and residential customers. They are also in high compliance with the transportation brokerages.



Consultation Services

Few people realize the care and compassion provided by LifeLine Ambulance employees on a daily basis. While you may see our ambulances and support vehicles as they move about Kershaw and surrounding counties, you may not be aware of the dedication and skill of the personnel inside of the unit. LifeLine Ambulance employees continuously work to expand their knowledge base and skills to ensure that our patients are treated with the most up to date care that is available, and with the best clinical equipment that can be found.




Our Services

LifeLine Ambulance devotes all of our professional attention to improving and refining the care that they deliver on a daily basis. We receive continuous in-service training on the newest theories and applications in emergent and non-emergency transports. Equally important is our personnel’s dedication to the complete needs of our patients and families. Providing more than treatment, our team members deliver the highest level of compassionate care.



LifeLine Ambulance Employees

Russ Cobb - Owner

Greg Burge - Operations Manager

Russ is a graduate Camden High School in Camden, SC and a graduate of Emmanuel College majoring in Business Administration. He began his career as a paramedic in EMS in 1990. Russ is the founder of Carolina MedCare Ambulance and founder/CEO of LifeLine Ambulance. He is happily married with five children.

T'Bari Lee - Public Relations Manager

Greg has been with LifeLine since May 2013. He started as a driver, dispatch then promoted to EMT/dispatch. After working as an EMT he was promoted to Dispatch Supervisor then Operations Manager.​ Interesting fact about Greg is he was a Missionary in the Dominican Republic from June 2005 to May 2013. He worked as a bartender during his USC years where he graduated in 1990 (also one of the first empolyees of the Koger Center when it opened in 1989 (just an usher but had to work in a bowtie).

T'Bari is a 1999 Camden High School graduate with over 10  years of sales and customer service. T'Bari found himself in collections and finance, before securing an administrative position with Blue Cross' Fund Distribution team. T'Bari lead the role for 2 years before the contract ended. Being a father

over shadowed his pride, as he took a substantially less lucrative position as a driver with LifeLine Ambulance. After being on the rig for 3 years, an opportunity came in a phone call from the CEO, suggesting that he apply for the opening as Public Relations Manager and Marketing. With reluctance, and lack of industry knowledge, he applied, interviewed, and was hired the following morning - although there were others that he thought had more industry knowledge. T'Bari credits his growth and his success in seeing people for who they are, and speaking their language.

"I listen until someone tells me what to talk about."

Melynda Burge - Human Resources Manager / Administrative Assistant

Melynda has 10 years of retail management experience before moving abroad which lead to 8 years of international leadership, running an open home for missionaries/international travelers, managing teams assisting in building an orphanage, organizing, developing, and facilitating networking throughout the country. Upon return to the USA continued to use skills in organizing, and facilitating as well as financial oversight for LifeLine.

Debra Holloman - Dispatcher/EMT

Thomas Williams - Dispatcher/EMT

Debra has been certified as an EMT since 1999 and worked in the private sector of medical transport with various companies for many years. She has been working for LifeLine Ambulance for the past 8 years. Debra has also worked as a field training officer and currently works as a dispatcher. She has a B.A. degree in Business Administration with a emphasis on Healthcare Management and Masters degree Healthcare Management with a emphasis on business administration.

Thomas started out as a EMT working on the ambulance almost 4 years ago. About 2 years ago, he got promoted to his current position to work beside Debra Holloman in dispatch. Thomas was previously an Army Medic and spent his entire military career stationed at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Tx.  After that he spent roughly 3 years working for Kershaw County EMS before moving on to LifeLine.



Gustavo Torres - Billing Manager

Gustavo is a Billing Manager at LifeLine Ambulance, where he is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the billing department encompassing medical coding, charge entry, claims submissions, payment posting, accounts receivable follow-up, and reimbursement management. He first began with LifeLine 3 years ago as a driver, he then moved into billing as a billing specialist, and lastly into his current position as billing manager. In his free time he enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and 3 children.


Gustavo Torres, Katie Cobb, Laura Adams,

Maleta Simon & Marie Nash - Billing Team

2017 Employee of the Year

Debra Holloman

2018 Employee of the Year

2016 Employee of the Year

Maleta Simon

Leland LeGrand


A Career at LifeLine Ambulance

How do you build for longevity? You hire the best individuals for that position. You put the right people in the right seats. At LifeLine Ambulance, we believe our team members are our strongest asset. Our ability to provide superior patient care, great customer service, and to keep our company growing depends on the continued professional development. LifeLine Ambulance offers competitive salaries for all individuals. Are you our next team member?


(All applications and requirements must be brought to the office unless

special accommodations have been arranged)


Greg Burge

Operations Manager

16 Dooley Drive, Lugoff, SC 29078

(803) 427-1413





Russ Cobb


16 Dooley Drive, Lugoff, SC 29078





T'Bari Lee

Public Relations

16 Dooley Drive, Lugoff, SC 29078

(803) 427-5157





Melynda Burge

Human Resources

16 Dooley Drive, Lugoff, SC 29078

(803) 438-3666


Dispatch: (803) 243-4444

Billing: (803) 438-3666

Fax: (803) 438-3777


LifeLine Ambulance 2020

Russ Cobb is the CEO of LifeLine Ambulance in Lugoff, SC

Address: PO Box 206 • Lugoff, SC 29078 • Dispatch: 803-243-4444 • Billing: 803-438-3666 • Fax: 803-438-3777

The company offers EMS transportation and transportation consultation services

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